Monday, 23 September 2013


I've been invited by Hebden Bridge Business Breakfast Club to explain the impact and/or affect to small business locally.   I'll be brief,  it's an overview. The Business Breakfast meetings at Hebden Bridge Town Hall are meant to be informal/social for local businesses to meet to strengthen the community.  Thank must go to Amy Leader the Business Development officer for organising and to local paper The Hebden Bridge Times, for their support and coverage.  see    Tuesday 24th 8am Hebden Bridge Town Hall,   to book in   drop a line to :  

Friday, 6 September 2013


Zero hours contracts,

I cannot keep quiet observation any longer!   This really has turned into the pantomime season,   with every Tom, Dick and Harry having an opinion. The "TOM" in this case is Labour MP  Tom Watson who appears to have become an overnight employment law expert with his opinion on zero hours contracts.   The current "hot topic" in vote trawling,  no coincidence there then ?       Mr. Watson is entitled to his opinion of course,  but I feel obliged to point out mine.   He is wrong!    If you run a business in this the current economic climate you absolutely must have control,  and flexibility over your costs.   To have employees on fixed hours (read fixed wages)  when you might have no work for them to do,   is the path to ruin!    In my view, most of the employees on this type of zero hours contract arrangement are quite content as it suits their own domestic circumstances. Granted, some individuals will not be happy,  and would prefare full-time or fixed hours, but OH SI SIC OMNIA ,    if business cannot survive/thrive , there won't be any jobs!  see Mr. Watson quote at the excellent HR Magazine webpage....

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Hebden Bridge Times picked this up,

My local newspaper Hebden Bridge Times ran this item on PMHRC Ltd.  and shows that PRIME (the Princes inititive for mature enterprise)  REALLY does make an impact.   Helped me certainly.
This item also covered in the Todmorden local paper  and this link on the web!