Monday, 15 July 2013

Latest Employment Law Reform Announcements

Jo Swinson, the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Employment Relations and Consumer Affairs, has issued a written ministerial statement announcing the following:- • changing the cap on the unfair dismissal award to the lower of £74,200 or one year's pay with effect from 29 July 2013 (we knew this was happening sometime this month, but now the commencement date is confirmed).
Our thanks as always to the excellent Daniel Barnett site for this update..          
My comment:......Has some common sense decended upon the world of employment law?    First the increase to two years service to qualify for certain employment rights,   then the announcement of a scheme for settlements,  the introduction of fees for tribunal applications..........and now,   the capping of awards ,    what next I wonder ?        The scrapping of paid holidays?